Funded Games

  • Belle Automata Trailer
  • Lord Winklebottom Investigates
  • Screenshot from the video game Illuminaria
  • A screenshot from Later Daters
  • A screenshot from dont_forget_me
  • A screenshot from Pushy Pully
  • Belle Automata Trailer
  • Lord Winklebottom Investigates
  • Screenshot from the video game Illuminaria
  • A screenshot from Later Daters
  • A screenshot from dont_forget_me
  • A screenshot from Pushy Pully
Atlas Wept
Robbie Lee

‘Atlas Wept’ is a retro style RPG with a humanist story about sincerity and empathy, featuring friendly robot dogs and evil smiley faces. Created by solo developer Robbie Charlotte Lee from Los Angeles.

Whispers of the West
Infinite Whys

Whispers in the West is an online co-op murder mystery game for 1-4 players. The game sets in the far reaches of the Old West. Imagine Among Us but with stories, or Ace Attorney but online co-op — each story is a unique and intriguing mystery waiting to be solved. To succeed, the players need to work as a team and debate amongst themselves – things may get heated. Created by Infinite Whys, a new game development team based in the UK, is led by Yoyu Li who is sn experience project manager who believes strongly in supporting young people to enter the games industry.

Sigh of the Abyss
Rascal Devworks

You are the product of a bloody ritual; human in appearance, yet imbued with monstrous powers. The men and women that sacrificed their life for yours speak to you in whispers, beg you to put their spirits to rest. Will you acquiesce to them or will you defy them? Will you accept their dark bargains, even if they condemn countless souls to a grim fate? Sigh of the Abyss is a tale of darkness and romance, choices and consequences. Created by Rascal Devworks, a woman solo developer.

Belle Automata
Jellyfish Parade

Aureve is an android, content with a life of weaving silk tapestries alongside her master in his workshop–but when her master dies, his family sells her off to a wealthy, reclusive buyer due to her being a rogue: a self-aware android. Thrown into a new home of refuge for rogues, Aureve must find her place amongst them and answer the question once and for all: can an android truly feel? Created by Jellyfish Parade, an independent visual novel developer dedicated to bringing ethnically diverse casts in every game across a variety of genres, led by solo developer Jessinia.

Madison Karrh

You are alone. You will build a creature, a partner, a wet warm heart, a collection of bones. Birth is an adventure puzzle game about constructing a creature from spare bones & organs found around the city in order to quell your loneliness. Solve physics-based puzzles & discover secrets in lovingly hand-drawn museums, bakeries, bookstores and more. Created by Madison Karrh, a talented solo developer from Chicago.

Charlotte from Cave Monsters Lord Winklebottom Investigates
Cave Monsters

It’s the 1920s and the world’s foremost detective is about to embark on his most challenging case yet. A mysterious invitation to an isolated island results in a grizzly murder and a quest to track down the killer. Thankfully, in this world that’s not quite like our own, there’s nobody better to crack the case than the great detective and gentleman giraffe, Lord Winklebottom. Charlotte Sutherland is a one-woman team at Cave Monsters, creating almost every aspect of the game from writing and design to implementation.

Persona Theory Saqina Latif Kabaret
Persona Theory Games

Kabaret is an interactive narrative game filled with mythical Southeast Asian folklore, with colorful characters to meet in a mysterious world. Currently in the prototype phase, players assume the role of Jebat, a young man cursed into a monster after making an unfortunate mistake. Persona Theory Games is an indie studio based in Malaysia, founded in 2017 by Saqina Latif with a focus on experimental narrative games.

Selva Interactive

Illuminaria is a strategy and resource management game where you take the role of a powerful A.I. and command a swarm of advanced robots to build, explore, and save the world from destruction. Illuminaria offers innovative structure building as players use over 20 different resources to build an army of golems and destroy the darkness. Created by Selva Interactive, a Guatemalan studio founded by Alhvi Balcárcel with a focus on games with interesting mechanics & simple interfaces.

The Fermi Paradox
Anomaly Games

The Fermi Paradox is a narrative space simulation game where the player is asked to care for & watch over all civilizations. What if we finally reached life in other galaxies? What if alliances were forged, new life forms nurtured and innovation left unchecked? But what if, in the end, we failed to learn from our mistakes. Play out the fate of an evolving galaxy, as centuries-old interstellar civilizations collapse, survive and thrive. Joerg Reisig leads a diverse team of experienced game developers at Anomaly Games based out of Germany.

Button City
Subliminal Games

Button City is a colorful low poly adventure game about cute animals who must save the arcade from being torn down. Enter a diorama world from Subliminal Games and play as Fennel the fox as you explore, play exciting arcade games, and meet cute animal friends: the demo is available now on Steam. Subliminal is an independent game studio based in New Mexico, USA and co-founded by Shandiin and Ryan Woodward to create games with an eye for aesthetics and a feel for fun.