How do I apply to WINGS for investment in my game?

The application form on our website is the best way to apply. Our co-founder Audrey has put together a blog guide to applying to WINGS.


Where can I find the full list of application questions?

We completely understand wanting to see the full list of questions before applying! You can download a pdf document with all the application questions here!


What kind of games do we fund?

We primarily fund premium PC and console indie games. The games need to be created by teams in which women and marginalized genders developers have key creative, technical or management positions. The committee first verifies the diversity requirements are met, and then looks for excellent content, innovation and appeal.


What is your investment cap?

Up to $500,000.


What does WINGS expect in return?

We invest in games on a revenue sharing basis – the exact terms are on a case-by-case basis, but will be competitive with the investment market.


What kind of games are you looking for?

There’s no type, genre, format or length criteria with us. We are more focused on whether the game is fun, and whether it will sell. We don’t invest in games that we think won’t be profitable!


Do you accept applications from teams with marginalized backgrounds with no woman or gender-diverse talents in lead roles?

In this first stage, WINGS is set up to focus on providing the largest underrepresented group in games -women and people of marginalized gender – with funding, with a selection committee of international women from diverse backgrounds evaluating applications. Our reasons for choosing this starting point came after reflecting on the demographic imbalances in the games industry due to cultural biases and skewed power structures.

We *do* accept applications from teams of men from marginalized backgrounds, however we recognize the same cultural biases that cause certain groups to be overlooked for funding may still happen if you are from a marginalized background that is not represented by the current committee. We will be actively working to expand selection committee membership to embrace even more diverse groups in later stages.


What do you offer developers besides funding?

We are not a publisher! We don’t offer marketing, QA or localization services to our developers. (Why not? See here for Petter’s very funny talk on “4 signs your publisher is stealing from you”.)

But we offer support that in our experience we believe will truly help your team to grow and succeed:

  • Expert reviews and mentoring: every 3 months, or at each milestone, you tell us what your 3 biggest issues are (if any) and we find in our networks experts to help you. It could be anything from finding the right editor for your dialogues, figuring out your Switch port, etc.
  • Free consultations with recommended communication specialists – it’s always best in our opinion for game developers to own the relationship with their players, and have the marketing of their game in mind from the very start, but there is a wealth of knowledge and experience out there that we will help you connect with.
  • Recommended providers and resources for a variety of domains (localization, QA, PR, porting…) – this will help save you time and money.
  • Introductions to key partners and opportunities, i.e. platform holders and game showcase opportunities.
  • A warm welcome into WINGS’ awesome, friendly network of diverse game developers, who are always willing to share experiences and help.


Is every WINGS offer to developers the same?

No, not every offer from WINGS is the same because not every developer, studio or project is the same! At WINGS we strive to provide funding opportunities and services that are always evolving, so we can work to find the right fit for each project and the team behind it.


Can we sign a different NDA with you before applying?

By all means! Email us at contact@wingsfund.me with your request and we’ll send you our template mNDA for your review.


I have another question…

We’d love to hear from you. Send us an email at contact@wingsfund.me any time.