The ELEVATE Game Accelerator returns for 2023 with a focus on mobile games, sponsored by Netflix.

A star with a wing behind it and the text WINGS ELEVATE underneath.

ELEVATE is a 4-month global online accelerator created by WINGS to support marginalised gender developers with an opportunity to progress their game prototype to a pitch-ready state.

The 2023 edition will focus on mobile games and the programme will be delivered by the expert team at Code Coven. WINGS ELEVATE 2023 is sponsored by Netflix.

Key benefits to participants:

  • Development guidance
  • $10,000 USD Milestone-based stipend to support your team
  • Mentorship from a diverse pool of industry leaders
  • Business fundamentals
  • Pitch guidance for approaching investors/publishers
  • Valuable industry connections & community support

Applications are open until May 7, 2023.
Selected participants will be announced on June 6, 2023.

The WINGS ELEVATE programme runs from August 28 to December 15, 2023.

Eligibility Criteria

Your Project:
  • Is being developed primarily for mobile (Android, iOS); OR
  • is an existing project that will be brought to mobile
  • Has a prototype ready for review
  • Has a project pitch
  • Has a budget spreadsheet explaining how you will use the $10,000 USD for the duration of the programme (this does not have to be the budget for your full game)
Your Team:
  • Has experience working together (eg. current project, previous projects, game jams)
  • Is comprised of 60% or more team members from marginalised genders
  • Is ideally composed of 1 - 5 people (Get in touch with us if you have a bigger team!)
  • Are all 18 years of age or older
  • Are all able to commit to 15 hours per week for the programme duration

For more details on the application and programme curriculum, visit our FAQ.
You can also view all of the application questions at once here.


About WINGS Interactive:
WINGS is an investment fund focused on indie games by teams in which women and marginalised genders developers have key positions. We fund high potential games for the PC, platform and mobile markets. Our investment decisions are driven by a selection committee of outstanding women game developers. To apply, visit and explore the full roster of WINGS funded games at For more information about WINGS, email


About Code Coven:
Code Coven is the first global award-winning game development classroom and accelerator for gender-marginalised talent. We provide developers with the skills and network needed to thrive in the games industry. Our mission is to increase representation within games at all levels, both off and on screen. Code Coven has a strong sponsor and partner network composed of industry leaders, including Epic Games, Unity, and more. To begin a discussion about how you can support Code Coven’s mission, please contact