Diversity = Creativity

WINGS invests in indie games by teams in which women and marginalized gender developers hold key positions.

Our mission is simple: find talented, diverse teams and fund their high potential games. The success of diverse teams will lead to more unique ideas coming to life, new voices being heard, and new games that cater to a wider variety of players.

Our investment decisions are driven by a selection committee of outstanding women game developers. We passionately believe that better representation leads to better creativity.


Developers First

Our focus is helping teams build a sustainable studio:

✩ Revenue share from the first dollar
✩ Complete creative and business control
✩ Ensuring developers own IP rights
✩ Support in any area teams need help, including business development & platform relationships.

WINGS is funding games up to $500,000:
✩ Simple online application
✩ 1-month turnaround on submission
✩ Flexible milestone payments
✩ Clear 3-page contract