Game Pitch Statement

Thank you for showing interest and wanting to share your game idea with us!

Before you fill out the form for your game pitch, please take a moment to read through the following.

We maintain a Game Pitch Policy, which can be found at section 15 of our Terms of Use. We do this in order to avoid future misunderstandings if new games developed by, in connection with, or funded by WINGS might seem similar to ideas, concepts or games that you have submitted to us.

We strive to keep your game pitch confidential, however many hopeful applicants pitch their ideas to us and there is always a risk that two ideas, games or concepts are similar to or identical to each other.

By submitting your game pitch to us you are expressly acknowledging this and abstaining from any future claims of infringement.

Please read more regarding the exact terms and conditions in our game pitch policy before submitting your pitch.

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